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Soaked with the Super Glowy Essence the silk sheet mask ensures particularly intensive care of the skin. The face mask is simply placed on the face like a second skin. The sheet mask allows the valuable active ingredients of the Super Glowy Essence - an essence serum made from herbs - to penetrate deeper into the skin. The skin looks beautifully plump, smooth and radiant afterwards. 


It is very easy to use.


Thoroughly cleanse the face.


1. Step:

Spray the silk tab generously with the Super Glowy Essence until the mask has soaked up with the essence.



Carefully unfold the mask, place it on your face and press it down gently. Leave the sheet mask for three minutes act.

Do not let the mask dry on the skin!



After three minutes, simply remove the mask and massage in the remaining Super Glowy Essence along with a few drops of Beautifying Oil to lock the moisture deep into the skin.




A beautifully plump, smooth and radiant skin.



How often should you use sheet masks?


In order to achieve an optimal effect, one should use the sheet masks three to four times a week apply.





No plastic, but environmentally friendly packaged in biodegradable bags.


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