Organic bergamot oil

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100% organic in the best quality

Invigorating - balancing - cleansing

The bergamot is a small, delicate tree, belongs to the genus of citrus plants and is a hybrid (colloquially a mixture / crossbreed) of lemon and bitter orange.  Bergamot is grown in the coastal region of Calabria (on the sole of the foot of the Italian boot). 

The refreshing scent of bergamot oil has the power to take the tension off irritated situations and create a vibration in which it is easy to relax and collect new energy. It has a calming and relaxing effect as well as invigorating and refreshing. The fruity and tart scented bergamot oil has an extremely positive effect on us all. 

Above all, when used aromatically, the essential oil unfolds its full potential. Diffused in the diffuser, it is ideal at home, at work, for homework and wherever stress and tension reign. Bergamot also purifies the energy in your rooms. It can clear negative energy in your home, office and the surrounding area, 


1. In the shower, apply a few drops of shower gel or shower oil, breathe in deeply and enjoy the wonderful scent at the same time.

2. Applying two drops to the soles of the feet is particularly effective. From there the oil reaches the entire organism in its original state. And by the way, that only takes 30 minutes.


Why the soles of the feet?


Asian Eastern healing concepts have been treating diseases and symptoms for centuries by stimulating the right nerves in the feet. These concepts assume that every organ and system in our body are connected by energy meridians that end in our feet, hands, ears, and face. This philosophy is based on reflexology and states that by applying essential oils to the soles of the feet, many organs and systems benefit from the effects of the oils and thus lead to a holistic healing of the body.


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