"Tree-free" labels & high quality Miron glass bottles instead of plastic


clean beauty concept works in the laboratory with the most modern production methods and small product batches. Particular emphasis is placed on sustainability and environmentally friendly packaging material. All products are filled in purple Miron glass. One of the most effective methods of storing natural molecular structures long-term and protected from light. This unique combination offers optimal protection against the aging processes that are triggered by visible light. It thus enables a longer shelf life and increases the effectiveness of the products.

The use of violet glass can be traced back to the heyday of Egyptian high culture. Nice Back then, precious essences and natural products were kept in vessels made of violet glass and gold. The label is made from sustainable limestone paper - a tree-free paper alternative. A small amount of plastic in the caps and dispensers cannot be avoided because of their function. But it's kept as environmentally friendly as possible and recyclable.