clean beauty concept
he mindful beauty movement

When exactly did the longing for deceleration arrive in the bathroom? After Koreans included the hundred and eight serum in their 10-step beauty routine, the Americans had their skin exfoliated almost to the bone or high-tech devices took over the facial care. Is more actually always more? Aren't we getting too stressed by oversupply and consumption? Morning routine, downsizing, minimalism and less is more are terms that everyone should known by now who has put their lives to the test in terms of efficiency, sustainability and self-love. The urge to shed ballast and to bring more quality into everyday life has never been more important. It is not for nothing that alarm clocks ring an hour earlier to make time for yoga or to finally write that book. It is not for nothing that things end up in boxes that - if left untouched for more than four weeks - are given away or disposed of. It is not for nothing that we start shopping more sustainably, pay attention to natural ingredients and avoid waste. Less is more: that's the motto.

clean beauty concept follows a similar holistic approach - a ritual that focuses on three components or products, but can deliver countless benefits to the skin.

NO-TOX is the new BO-TOX

There is hardly an attribute nowadays that is equated with youthful looks more than a fresh radiance, naturalness and glow. Wrinkles? Almost a minor matter. That rosy complexion cannot always come from long walks in the fresh air, sport or sex - but that's not tragic.

The new, 100% pure No-Tox skin care program offers the perfect alternative for all those who value natural active ingredients combined with effective results. Without botox & co.


clean beauty concept Fulfills the desire for glow and tighter contours - relaxed facial expressions are included. The Super Glowy Essence, The Beautifying Oil and the Face Tuning Tool - the Bian stone - are three smart beauty players that show real power on their own, but deliver the most effective form of skin care as a team. If conventional serums no longer help out of the drought trap, the skin appears tired and sallow: the No-Tox Magic Facial surprises with fantastic glow and face-lifting results.


If Botox is not an option, the No-Tox Magic Facial is the right thing. It provides a natural lifting, moisture and fantastic glow. A few minutes a day are enough to achieve a visible rejuvenation effect.

Inspired by a thousand-year-old method of Chinese medicine to improve the complexion - the Gua Sha ritual - clean beauty concept honors ancient knowledge and combines it with modern aspects. The traditional pressing and brushing technique releases tension, decongests the connective tissue and supports the detoxification process of the skin. The moisturizing essence refreshes and nourishes the complexion and the vitamin A-rich rosehip seed oil stimulates collagen formation and cell renewal.

The result: the complexion looks significantly refreshed and rosier and shines from the inside out.