The superior clean beauty concept


Clean Beauty Concept works like a natural one Mindfulness ritual and is at the same time 100% pure Skin care program. A highly effective alternative to botox and lifting, the perfect solution for everyone who values ​​natural ingredients in skin care.


All Clean Beauty Concept products are uncompromisingly natural, completely vegan and free from harmful additives. Sustainability is not only promised here, but lived: short distances, as it is manufactured in Austria, no outer packaging, environmentally friendly preservation in Miron glass bottles, tree-free labels and not tested on animals.


More valuable time for yourself and no more compromising on skin care.


More and more people want to live more consciously and carefully and are critically examining the ingredients and materials in cosmetics or clothing. It is estimated that the average woman is over 168 synthetic chemicals exposed before she leaves the house in the morning - without even realizing it! With Clean Beauty Concept we are taking a different, better way: few ingredients, everything clearly declared, simple rituals - and the effect is visible after just a few minutes of use.


Clean Beauty. Born in Vienna. Made by nature.