clean beauty concept


Clean Beauty Concept No-Tox



clean beauty concept is a mindful beauty movement, a 100% pure No-Tox skin care program, which offers the perfect alternative for all those who value natural active ingredients in connection with effective results. All products are uncompromisingly natural, vegan and free of all additives. Sustainable right through to packaging: no outer packaging, perfect preservation conditions thanks to Miron glass bottles, labels with responsibility. And short distances: Austrian Clean Beauty. The best thing about clean beauty concept is that it delivers effects in many ways. It makes the skin look radiant and healthy. In addition, the ritual also provides valuable me-time.

People are becoming more aware and more attentive in all areas of life, dealing with ingredients and materials in cosmetics or clothing. Nonetheless, there are estimates that the average woman is about 168 synthetic chemicals before leaving the house in the morning. Few people are aware of this. With clean beauty concept we want to take a different, better path. The few ingredients in the products are clearly declared, the rituals are simple, the effects are visible after a few minutes of use.

Austrian clean beauty, organic, vegan.