If face lifts are taboo for you, our No-Tox Magic Facial comes into play. It provides a natural lifting, provides intensive moisture and provides a fantastic glow. Three minutes a day is enough to achieve a visible rejuvenating effect.


Clean Beauty Concept combines the knowledge of a thousand-year-old method of Chinese medicine to improve the complexion - the gua sharitual - with modern aspects and innovative technology. The traditional pressing and brushing technique relieves tension, decongests the connective tissue and supports the skin's detoxification process. The intensely moisturizing essence refreshes and nourishes the complexion and the vitamin A, C and E rich organic rosehip seed oil stimulates collagen formation and cell renewal. A fruitful interaction that has an immediate effect: Wrinkles and fine lines are minimized and the skin is smoothed.


The result: The complexion looks clearly refreshed and rosy and radiates lively from the inside out. Wrinkles are softened, contours tightened and puffiness reduced. Your face looks younger.