Original Gua Sha Bian stone

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Gua Sha Bian Stein - clean beauty concept
Gua Sha Bian Stein - clean beauty concept
Gua Sha Bian Stein - clean beauty concept
Gua Sha Bian Stein - clean beauty concept
Gua Sha Bian Stein - clean beauty concept


Suitable for face & body (skin tightening & smoothing) reduces puffiness & detoxifies



Bian - a very special stone - developed and patented by us


This is the ORIGINAL Bianstein!



Developed by us to stimulate blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage and ultimately to tighten and smooth the skin, this specially shaped and combed stone made of 100% Bian hugs the curves of the face, neck, neck and body . Within a very short time you notice that the skin looks smoother, firmer and more radiant. In addition, a large number of acupressure points are stimulated, which have a positive effect on the entire body.


More effective than traditional Gua Sha stone

The No-Tox Gua Sha was specially made from Bian stone. What is special about it: Bian stones, which are considered the best tools for Gua Sha, were created around 65 million years ago when a meteorite collided with the earth in Shandong, China. Bian stones contain 40 minerals and trace elements that produce negative ions and have heat-conducting and heat-storing properties. If you slide it over the skin, the stone emits ultrasonic pulses that stimulate microcirculation and thus have an anti-aging effect on the skin cells. Bian stones produce about 3x as much impulses compared to jade and rose quartz, which are often used in Gua Sha tools.


No-Tox Bian Gua Sha 

makes puffiness disappear - tightens the contours of the face - smoothes the skin and lets it shine


The Bian Gua Sha has several effects:


  1. On the one hand, it stimulates the blood circulation, which supplies the skin with more nutrients and oxygen, and on the other hand, it frees the skin from water retention and swelling, as it stimulates the lymph flow.

  2. It works deeply so that you can almost watch the cheek muscles tightening during the treatment. With increasing age, the elasticity of the skin and the muscles beneath it decreases, facial features slacken and the contours disappear. This is because the muscles in the face contract, tighten, and eventually go limp when we don't use them. The massage with the Bian stone activates the deep muscles, relieves tension and thus tightens the facial contours.

  3. The body's own hyaluronic acid production and the production of collagen fibers are stimulated.

  4. When used correctly, the Bian Gua Sha promotes the drainage of toxins and blood circulation. The skin becomes plumper and smoother and the face is modeled. The chin area is firmed and the cheeks and eyebrows raised again. At the same time, dark circles and puffiness are reduced and tension is released (botox effect). 


Correct application

Always work with the stone from the neck towards the forehead and from the nose outwards towards the ear. It firms and invigorates tired skin and visibly smoothes it. Use the stone at least three times a week. Used daily, it slows down the aging process because new wrinkles hardly appear. You will be able to tell a difference on your face after just a few weeks.



Gua Sha Bian stone is a natural stone. Cleaning with soap or detergent damages its crystalline structure and impairs the therapeutic effect. Simply wash with warm water and - if possible - place in the sun to reactivate the energy.


Made from 100% sustainably sourced Gua Sha Bian stone.



Book a very personal one Masterclass with me, the founder, and learn the correct application of Bian Gua-Sha for successful self-treatment at home.


Application video for the Bian Gua-Sha


Immediately available for delivery, delivery time 1-3 days 


Gua Sha Bian Stein - clean beauty concept
Gua Sha Bian Stein - clean beauty concept
Gua Sha Bian Stein - clean beauty concept
Gua Sha Bian Stein - clean beauty concept
Gua Sha Bian Stein - clean beauty concept