What does the No-Tox Bian Gua Sha do?

Was bewirkt der No-Tox Bian Gua Sha?

No-Tox Bian Gua Sha

This tool makes puffiness disappear, revitalizes tired skin, tightens it and makes you look all-round beautiful.



What does the No-Tox Bian Gua Sha do?

 The Bian Gua Sha has several effects: On the one hand, it stimulates blood circulation, which supplies the skin with more nutrients and oxygen, and on the other hand, it frees the skin from water retention. This massage works in depth, so that you can almost watch the cheek muscles tightening during the treatment. Regular massage with the Bian Gua Sha can positively influence the shape of the face and contour the facial features. This is because the muscles in the face - as in the rest of the body - contract, tighten, and eventually go limp when we don't use them. Always work with the stone from the neck towards the forehead and from the nose outwards towards the ear. It firms and revitalizes tired skin and visibly smoothes it. It is best to use the stone three times a week for about 3 minutes, even more. You will be able to tell a difference on your face after just a few weeks.


Bian - a very special stone

Our No-Tox Facial Gua Sha is specially made from Bian stone. The shape of the stone was specially developed and patented by us. The special thing about it is its remarkable therapeutic effect. It contains over 40 minerals and trace elements. If you slide it over the skin, the stone releases negative ions, which have an anti-aging effect on cells. Bian stone therapy is one of the oldest medical practices known to man. In ancient China, the Bian stone was the most important aspect in TCM and served as a forerunner of acupuncture and moxibustion.


Bian Gua Sha stone



Wipe the sheet mask a few times with the Bian Gua Sha. This allows the ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin. You can also integrate the tool as the last step in your skin care ritual. In combination with the Super Glowy Essence and the Beautifying Oil, it ensures a beautiful, healthy glow and a natural and immediately visible lifting effect.



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