Skin care: The best care trick for an extra fresh glow

Clean Beauty Concept extra fresh glow

In a few weeks at the latest, skin care will be switched back from winter to summer. Instead of a rich one Creams one then looks for something that is quickly absorbed, like an ultra-light protective shield on the Haut and leaves a fantastic glow. An essence is then a good choice.

The liquid texture of the essence is reminiscent of a toner. Day care couldn't be easier. Anyone who thinks that for this reason there is hardly any care is wrong: Essences are formulated more easily, but they are full to the brim with highly concentrated nutrients and plant extracts. Your ultimate goal is to smuggle extra moisture into the top layers of the skin and to condense them with their tiny molecules. In this way, the incoming light is optimally bundled and reflected et voilà, the skin shines by itself.

This is how you integrate our Super Glowy Essence into your beauty ritual

Because the essence combines several care steps, its application is comparatively simple. After cleansing, spray generously on the face and press gently onto the skin for about five to ten seconds. The trick: through the warmth of the palms of the hands, the care substances in the essence penetrate deeper. In this way, the skin remains optimally moisturized and cared for throughout the day. And in the event that the beloved cream should still be used: The skin absorbs the essence so ultra-quickly that the Beautifying Oil is optimally absorbed by the skin.

Especially with combination skin, the essence can replace the conventional cream.

So, Glow!


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