Beautiful skin is also possible without a visit to the cosmetic studio

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If you want to do something good for yourself in the current situation, the keyword is: self-care. Especially under the current circumstances, it makes sense to pamper yourself and to use the - albeit involuntary - free time in your own four walls effectively - because our mental health is particularly important in these times.


The time until his next visit to the cosmetic studio can be bridged wonderfully with our No-Tox Magic Facial, for example, as it makes the skin radiant, firm and fresh again in a short time. On top of that, you give yourself me-time.


3 effective steps for beautiful, plump and firm skin:


Step 1

Our Super Glowy Essence is more than just a face spray.

The essence contains an herbal complex of mallow, chamomile, St. John's wort flowers and sage, which supplies the skin with moisture and prevents it from drying out. Soothes sensitive skin as it does not contain alcohol. Also works wonderfully over makeup.


Step 2

Beautifying Oil with Vitamin A is an oil concentrate made from top quality organic rose hip kernels with a particularly high concentration of omega 3, 6 and 9 and linoleic acid. The texture is perfect. It is not greasy, is quickly absorbed and feels light as a feather on the skin.

The Beautifying Oil pushes the skin's natural repair functions and softens wrinkles, pigment spots and acne.


Step 3

The No-Tox Facial Gua Sha made of Bian stone was specially made from Bian stone. The special thing about it: It contains over 40 minerals and trace elements. If you slide it over the skin, the stone releases negative ions, which have an anti-aging effect on cells. The skin becomes plumper and smoother, the face is modeled. Dark circles and puffiness reduced and tension released. ......



Home Facial: Here you can find the beauty tools and products for a fantastic glow and beautiful skin.


Clean Beauty Concept No-Tox Beauty Routine

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