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No-Tox Bian Gua Sha + No-Tox Body Elixir - Body Combing à la clean beauty concept

The next summer will surely come. And the ambition to get your body fit for summer as quickly as possible also returns with the first rays of sunshine. Now that's a thing with the unsightly dents. We learned that creams alone are not enough to get rid of them. And healthy eating or exercise is not a panacea either. What helps: tackle the problem with united forces. Put fruit and vegetables on the menu, integrate strength exercises into everyday life and finally, ignite the care turbo. The perfect tools for this: the new No-Tox Body Elixir and the traditional No-Tox Gua Sha Bian stone from clean beauty concept.

Body Combing: Smooth and firm skin after just 4 weeks *


clean beauty concept Source: Instagram @gisele


(Source: Instagram @gisele)


The No-Tox Body Elixir and the No-Tox Gua Sha perform as a duo. According to a study *, regular use of both products gives presentable results. The high-quality recipe with lemongrass and organic soy oil, organic grape seed oil & organic apricot kernel oil has been proven to promote the elasticity of the skin and ensure a smooth and firmer skin surface *. Body parts such as stomach, legs and buttocks, but also upper arms benefit from it. In addition, the Elixir cares deeply, is quickly absorbed and leaves behind a supple, rosy skin.


No cellulite Body Elixir clean beauty concept

For those who do not yet know the strengths of No-Tox Gua Sha: the Bian stone can improve the blood circulation in the tissue and stimulate the metabolism by gently massaging the skin and the underlying muscles. Integrated into the daily beauty routine, Body Combing stimulates the formation of both elastin and collagen. The skin becomes plumper, the connective tissue is strengthened and the muscles relaxed. Any accumulations of fluid that intensify unsightly dents are dissolved by the massage - the bottom and thighs appear more even and smoother thanks to the lymphatic drainage effect. Another benefit: With the increased lymph flow, toxins are expelled and waste products are better removed from the tissue. In the end, the Bian stone turns out to be an efficient detox helper.


In just XNUMX steps: Massage the smart No-Tox Body Elixir in with the Bian stone after showering. This allows the skin to absorb the active ingredients particularly well. Initially work with relatively firm pressure for about five to ten minutes through the areas to be treated. Then use the comb edge of the No-Tox Gua Sha Bian stone and quick zigzag movements to loosen adhesions. This is followed by 10 massaging strokes along the body line with the comb edge and 10 strokes with the U-shape. The stone oil massage should ideally be performed twice a day on damp skin. More about this under Tutorials.


The No-Tox Body Elixir is free from parabens, phthalates, PEG, silicones, sulfates, microplastics, mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances. Without alcohol. Suitable for all skin types. According to the CBC credo, it is packed in Miron glass. In this way, ingredients are optimally protected from the harmful effects of light and last longer. The label is made from sustainable limestone paper - a tree-free alternative.

No Cellulite Body Elixir Clean Beauty Concept


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