Let's talk about skin ... with Nadja Kaiser

Let’s talk about skin...mit Nadja Kaiser

... with Nadja Kaiser, hair and make-up artist from Munich hiking girl, nature lover, cat lady, art enthusiast about clean beauty concept

I use the ritual professionally as well as privately. In my private life especially because I am plagued by a number of allergies, sensitive skin and impurities. My skin reacts to everything and especially to all oils.
When I tested the ritual in the first lockdown for the first time, I was only able to do so on myself and had a few concerns about my tolerance. I was then quite amazed at how my skin had changed for the better. The redness decreased, the inflammation subsided and the dry spots disappeared. And all without an oily film on the skin.
I took this experience with me into the job and regularly use the ritual there. Especially when we start photo productions very early, the Gua Sha Stein has turned out to be an absolute savior. Swollen and sleepy model skin is supplied with blood with the ritual, moisturizes and swells. The perfect foundation for makeup. I am an absolute fan!



Let’s talk about skin...mit MAHA, Hair- and Make-up Artist

Let's talk about skin ... with MAHA, hair and make-up artist

No Cellulite Ritual


Was bewirkt der No-Tox Bian Gua Sha?

What does the No-Tox Bian Gua Sha do?