Maha Hölbling Make-up Artist & Clean Beauty Lover

Maha Hölbling Make up artist

My skin care style:

My motto is simple and effective 


My skin type: 

Prone to couperose, dehydrated, sensitive skin 


Why clean beauty is important to me: 

I pay close attention to what I eat and just as much as what I use on my body. I try as best I can to avoid additives and harmful substances and I am very happy that all clean Beauty products are safe. Especially

I want to be able to use products that I use every day with a clear conscience and do research before I add something to my beauty routine :) 


Current beauty obsession:

For a long time I have loved facial oils, everything that gets the lymphatic system going and stimulates blood flow

Well-perfused and well-cared for skin is essential - both privately and for my job. Make-up only looks really good on well-prepared skin


Health Habits:

I meditate daily, often do yoga, as well as workouts, drink a lot of water (2,5-3 liters of water), eat a wholesome and plant-based diet and avoid sugar and refined products 


My favorite products: 

At the moment I love beautiful, defined eyelashes, I like to take a little more time for that.

Naturally radiant skin is still an all time favorite. As little (make-up) as possible, as much as necessary - that's my motto. 


Daily skin care routine:

In the morning I wash my face with water - after that comes my clean beauty ritual

In the evening I clean my face first with an oil cleanser, then with a washing lotion. Followed by the Super Glow Essence and a few extra drops of the oil 

I use a scrub once a week 


Beautician / dermatologist:

I work with my skin myself because I prefer to lend a hand and learn 



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