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For a long time, the cosmetic benefits of the red oval-shaped fruit, which are known from every garden hedge, remained undiscovered. Little by little the world is realizing the superpowers of this fruit, whose oil is the perfect natural care all-rounder.


Rose hip oil for flawless and young skin

Already in Greek mythology it is said that Aphrodite owes her beauty to the fruit of the rose hip. No wonder: the rose hip oil works wonders for every skin need. It donates a lot of moisture, prevents impurities, allows scars to heal faster and it keeps the skin smooth and plump. Of course, everything in a very sustainable way.


This is due to the ingredient linoleic acid - an essential fatty acid that the body cannot produce itself. Linoleic acid is a strong anti-inflammatory and is one of the most valuable anti-aging substances: it reduces the formation of free radicals that damage the skin and cause it to age faster. In addition, linoleic acid forms an intact protective barrier on the skin. The oil also contains bio-active vitamin A which can be immediately absorbed by the skin and no longer needs to be processed. 


The rose hip superfruit contains a high amount of beta-carotene, a form of vitamin A known to be the most effective wrinkle reliever. The contained vitamin C acts as a further collagen booster and it also brightens dark pigment spots or scars. The miracle oil provides a lot of moisture and regulated sebum production due to its high vitamin E content.


Why rose hip oil also works so well with blemished skin 

A big mistake in skin care is that oil makes the skin more oily, which leads to more blemishes and pimples. But the opposite is the case: a facial oil signals to the skin that it needs to produce less fat itself, as it receives enough fat from the outside. So it keeps the oil balance in check. The complexion appears significantly more matt, purer and the pores shrink. In addition, the rose hip oil is not comedogenic - i.e. it does not contain any ingredients that clog the pores.


How is rose hip oil obtained?  

Rose hips come from the wild rose bush, which is why rose hip oil is also often referred to as wild rose oil. The fruits ripen in autumn, after which their seeds are pressed and laboriously extracted. The result is rosehip seed oil, which has a light yellow to orange-red color and smells sweet and nutty. The gentler the pressing of the rosehip seeds, the more intense the color and smell of the oil. That's why our high-quality Beautifying Oil has such a beautiful orange-red color and is really sweet and nutty.


The Beautifying Oil is even better absorbed by the skin if the face is prepared beforehand with our Super Glowy Essence. For tighter contours and a visible rejuvenation effect, our No-Tox Magic Facial Gua Sha can be used as the third step.


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