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Clean Beauty Concept Gua Sha Bian Stein


One of our favorite products and by far the most popular is the Gua Sha made from Bian stone. It all sounds very chic and trendy, but it has its roots in ancient China. There it was the most important part of TCM, even before acupuncture, moxibution etc. When used correctly, this face tuning tool promotes the drainage of toxins and blood circulation. The skin becomes plumper and smoother, the face is modeled. At the same time, dark circles and puffiness are reduced and tension is released. 


The special thing about the Bian stone


It contains more than 40 minerals and trace elements that are known to be beneficial for the skin and general health. The Bian stone is also known to purify the aura and balance the energy that surrounds our body. Our Gua Sha stone is of course made from 100% Bian stone and made sustainably.gua sha bian stein clean beauty concept


The stone has 3 different shapes that you can work with: 


U shape: It is used to tighten the contours and to work the neck and neck.

Comb edge: The comb edge achieves fantastic lifting results.

Even side: This can be used to reduce puffiness, for example under the eyes.


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The use of the Bian stone


At clean beauty concept, however, we use the miracle stone as part of ours No-Tox Magic Facials. In the morning the ritual tightens the contours and makes the skin look plump, in the evening the ritual is perfect for stimulating lymph, promoting blood circulation and achieving lifting results.

In combination with our Super Glowy Essence and the Beautifying Oil  the ritual can help with all skin conditions - from dry skin to acne. Combining the essence of the herbal complex with the rose hip seed oil with plenty of vitamin A and incorporating the magical Bian stone - works wonders! No botox & Co. necessary. The ritual has a rejuvenating effect.

As I said, No-Tox is the new Bo-Tox.


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Important: Bian is a natural stone. Cleaning with soap or detergent damages the crystal structure and impairs the therapeutic effect. Simply wash off with pure water and - if possible - place in the sun to reactivate the energy.


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