#cleanbeautyhack: The No-Make Up Touch-Up

Clean Beauty Concept No-make-up Touch-up


Everything starts so nicely in the morning. Gentle glow on the skin, foundation sits, perfectly applied blush, full eyelashes and beautifully manicured lips. We shine!


After a few hours on the road or at 16 p.m. in the office, things usually look a little different. Depending on your skin type, the skin may look tired and dull as early as the afternoon. But don't worry: We have a few little tips and tricks that will bring a smile back to every woman's face - even without a lot of make-up! That's how the professionals do it too.


#cleanbeautyhack: Before using concealer or foundation, spread a little of our Beautifying Oil on your fingers and gently pat it over your cheeks, lips, temples and forehead. Exactly where the sun would normally kiss you ✨.


If you like to use foundation, mix it with a few drops of our oil for a fresh look. The skin of your face shines through more and receives a natural shine, which looks natural, and yet you do not forego a more even complexion.


Then lipstick or gloss and you will look particularly radiant and fantastic.


For those who are looking for an alternative to oil, we recommend our Super Glowy Essence. Apply generously to the cleansed face and you will be rewarded with a naturally glowing glow.

The essence works great over makeup too. A few splashes are enough. You can use it to refresh your skin throughout the day. 

Extra fresh glow guaranteed.


Stay Glowy! 



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